Three Sentence Stories #3 feat. Milly vs. the Monster

Hello again! Please enjoy more three sentence stories that I came up with on my way to and from uni.

The continuing tale for this lot of stories (every odd paragraph this time) is about a young girl who has to face off against a savage beast. Will she prevail alone, or will religion guide her through it?


Milly’s Sunday school teacher Miss Webster had told her that the best way to get rid of monsters at night was to close her eyes and pray to God, so she did. When she was sure the coast was clear, she peeked out into the darkness through slitted eyes. When saw her Dad was still standing over her bed, she closed her eyes and tried to pray a little harder.


One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl and four for a boy. Rubbing her pregnant stomach, Lilian played the superstitious rhyme in her head as she looked at the two ugly magpies foraging under the telephone lines. She felt a sudden sharp pain in her abdomen and, as she fell to her knees, the larger of the magpies tackled the other and began pecking it to death on the earth below.


Milly’s father, the well-respected priest of a well known local church, roared with laughter when he found her praying by her bedside table. “Stupid girl; God isn’t going to save a little harlot like you!” Milly said nothing as she closed her eyes and clasped the inverted cross that hung around her neck.


Zoe had always wanted to be a princess like she saw in Disney movies, so when a tiny woman claiming to be a wish granting fairy appeared before her one day, she knew exactly what she wanted. “Now Zoe,” the small pink woman squeaked, a small grin appearing on her face, “the process of becoming a queen-to-be is irreversible, are you sure you want to – oh of course you do, here we go!” Hours later, as she was force fed royal jelly in a hexagonal comb by her humble servant, Zoe realised that perhaps not all wish granting fairies were very kind.


Milly awoke to find a small impish creature devouring something at the foot of her bed. “You’re safe now, go back to sleep child,” hissed an unearthly voice in between the ghastly sounds of teeth gnawing on bone. Smiling happily, the young girl snuggled down into her bedsheets and fell into a peaceful sleep.


Three Sentence Stories to Pass the Time #2 feat. Miss. Interpretation

So I’m back at uni now and I’m going to start getting really busy soon. I’m going to try and make an effort to write as much as I can in my spare time. Expect my next few posts to be mainly three sentence stories and (hopefully) my two part horror novella.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these three sentence stories as I much as I enjoyed writing them! The connected stories this time focus on a sweet dimpled girl who probably needs to be taught what metaphors and euphemisms are.



Weighing in at a muscly 300 pounds, Robert “The Brute” Adams is one of the world’s most renowned heavyweight wrestlers. During the day, he body slams opponents into the centre of the ring for the adoration of his cheering crowd. At night, he spends hours in his home studio perfecting his pirouettes as he listens to ‘The Blue Danube’.


Gertrude felt the blood rush from her face as she saw what her darling daughter was doing in the courtyard. Her little blue eyed princess was wrangling a fallen baby sparrow in her chubby little hands. “But Mumsy,” the confused girl said to her distraught mother, “you always told me a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!”


The ‘street artist’ snuck onto the train tracks at night and headed towards the huge unused billboard. Unable to resist the temptation of an empty canvas, she wrote in a big black scrawling letters ‘Havoc is here’. As Marcus rode the train to school the next day, he was surprised to see the usually blank billboard now had a message printed on it in neat, red font: ‘Havoc was here’.


Gertrude let out a horrified scream as she opened the door to her daughter’s bedroom. Her little blonde locked angel was crouching over the family poodle, holding the severed head of their cat in one hand and a sewing needle in the other. “I’m doing an experiment Mumsy,” said the adorable little girl, “to see if two heads really are better than one!”


We all rejoiced when the aliens came down from the sky and declared that they were an advanced and intelligent species. They explained that they had discovered our primitive little planet and that they were going to teach us everything they know. When they began forcefully assimilating us into their society and taking our children away ‘for their own good’, some people knew it was history repeating itself and the rest of us just felt ashamed.


Gertrude rolled on her side to face her husband and let out a choked gasp. Sitting between the couple was their small porcelain skinned daughter, all smiles and with blood dripping from her clenched fists. “What’s wrong Mumsy,” her daughter whispered, “everybody always says that I have Daddy’s eyes, so I wanna play with them!”


Three Sentence Stories to Pass the Time

I apologise for not updating for some time, I’ve been a little lazy with my writing.

As of now, I am also waiting for a friend of mine to proofread my short horror novella, Willow Worshipped. Once she is finished and I have fixed it all up, I will be posting the novella in short parts for your viewing pleasure (or horror, I suspect).

To make up for the long wait, I have spent the last couple of hours creating a small anthology of three sentence stories, mostly horror and sci-fi themed. I was originally going to do two sentence stories but I found it hard to write a good story in only two sentences.

Some of these stories have a running theme, others are just stand-alones. The micro-stories with the running theme were inspired by an idea I had for a compilation of short stories. Who knows, I may even turn them into proper short stories someday.

Please enjoy!


Thanks to powerful advancements in technology, virtual reality headsets have changed the way we use popular social media sites such as Facebook. Nowadays, we can ‘react’ to anything within our field of vision, ‘block’ anyone we don’t want to see and ‘friend’ anybody with just a wink of an eye. Just this morning I not only sent a frowny face hovering over a horrific traffic accident on the M1, I also blocked (and muted) the screaming idiot in the truck who caused the crash and friended the blood-soaked woman lying on the road so I could write a tasteful message on her wall to let her loved ones know she had died almost instantaneously.


My name is Celeste and I had always wanted to use an Ouija board. Yes, it was during my first use of the supposed ghost summoning device that the roof collapsed and my neck was crushed by a wooden beam. Goodbye.


Ever since I got my virtual reality headset, my life has become a lot more liveable and enjoyable. My favourite part is Facebook’s fantastic ‘block’ feature which ensures I don’t have to see or hear the people who I cannot stand the most.  Now I can shop peacefully in an empty aisle, complete my job sans annoying co-workers and rest at home without having my god awful teenager screaming in my face about how much she hates me; such bliss!


Moments after my death, He met me at the fiery gates of the spiralling abyss. As I tried to convince him of my devotion to my religion, to Him, He let out a rumbling noise which I assumed was laughter. In the distance, I heard the collective scream of humanity and in that moment I knew that we had all been wrong.


Ever since Mum bought me my first ever virtual reality headset a week ago, I now have over one thousand friends on Facebook! It’s so insane but so cool how you can befriend anyone you can see walking down the street, all you have to do is wink at them and if they wink back you have a brand new friend! Yesterday, I kept trying to wink at this old guy and he just stared at me like I was some sort of freak and I realised that he didn’t have a VA headset on; thank god I could block him, it was so awkies!


After much research into supernatural phenomena, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as ghost, demons or the paranormal. In fact, I believe that any photo or video featuring poltergeist behaviour or ghostly apparitions with no earthly explanation can instead be credited as the work of beings in a dimension that we as human are unable to perceive.  So if you always get the feeling that someone is watching you in bed or in the shower  the culprit is less likely to be a ghost or bogeymen and more likely to be an incomprehensible life form who has formed a great attachment to you and your physical form.


These godforsaken virtual whatever-the-hell-they-ares have destroyed what is left of this society. Every day I would walk down the street and see people screaming ‘SADFACE’ at the homeless and ‘ANGRYFACE’ at the church and whenever I would try to start up a conversation with someone on the bus they would always shout ‘BLOCK’ right in my face and ignore me for the rest of the ride. It’s been two hours now and I’m still lying crumpled in a heap at the bottom of these blasted stairs and although I’ve screamed myself hoarse my children and wife still haven’t acknowledged me even once.


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FFftPP Week #7 2016

It’s that time again. Flash Fiction time! Today, the little pupper below provides the inspiration for my writing. For more information about Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner and rules for entering, click here.


Photo Source:

“…for the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!”

The small canine glanced at me, a patient look in its eyes. Its black tail thumped against the wooden boardwalk. The sound reminded me of my own quickening heartbeat.

I could feel beads of sweat beginning to form on my brow.

“I didn’t drink from your bottle again, honest!”

Its stare was unflinching.  The wet patches under my arms were getting bigger.

“A-alright, so I took the tiniest of swigs…just a sip! I mean, come on…it’s probably only put a few more years onto my life!”

“Jackson Smith, you’ve been alive for three hundred and sixty five years.”

A deafening voice echoed around me, making me fall to my knees. The black puppy gazed at me. Without moving its mouth it boomed one final message.

“Your time has come.”

“No…please no!”

The ground below me opened into a swirling vortex of brimstone and smoke. I began to scream as my body started to sink.

The tiny labrador turned and started to patter its way down the pier. Its little wagging tail was the last thing I saw before the whirling spiral engulfed my head.



Scene Challenge of the Week

I’ve decided to have a go at writing in a flash fiction challenge.

What is flash fiction? Well, it’s a story that usually has less than 1000 words. This particular flash fiction challenge comes from ‘The Art of Writing‘, a blog run by Tobias Mastgrave.

The rules are simple: write a 150 word story that is just one, continuous sentence. Okay, so it isn’t that simple but it sure is interesting.

The cue for this week is “Papa, I want…”

Without further ado, here is my entry for the Scene Challenge of the Week:


“Papa, I want a dolly with a pretty pink petticoat, brown button eyes and sparkling ballet shoes;

a music box that plays soothing lullabies that I can listen to while I sleep;

a brand new diary made of the finest leather so I can write all my secrets inside it along with a matching feathery quill;

oh and I would absolutely die for a piece of chocolate cake made of the finest Belgian chocolate with a strawberry on top of it as well as a cool, refreshing glass of milk to wash it down with;

if it’s not too much trouble, could I also get a nice clean blanket to keep me warm at night and if it’s quite alright with you could I also get a pretty blonde wig so I can brush my hair again and a lovely new dress to replace these stripy blue and white pyjamas…Papa, why are you crying?”