Writing Prompt #1 – Zombies Fix Everything

Hello! I’ve just finished working on one of the writing prompts from the book ‘642 Things to Write About.’

If you’re interested in giving this prompt a go yourself, here it is:

Write a story in which each sentence will begin with a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A and moving sequentially.

I created this story on the fly, so apologies if it seems a bit grammatically strange.


Zombies Fix Everything

Atlantis wanted to sink deep into the centre of the Earth’s molten crust. Before she could say anything else, the boy of her dreams began walking away. Crowds of teenagers snickered behind her back, whispering nasty quips about the young woman’s failed courting attempt.

Devastated, she stumbled past the bystanders and ran into the disabled bathroom. Even though it had been poorly though out, Atlantis had not expected the encounter to be this nightmarish.

Filled with frustration and embarrassment, she tried to reach the lock below the doorknob. Getting onto the tips of her toes, she managed to just slide the bar lock with her fingertips. Hatred grew inside her – hatred not just for the assholes who had laughed at her, but at the school who always managed to find a way to inconvenience her.

I can’t even have a breakdown at school without being reminded that I’m barely four feet tall

Jaded by this revelation, Atlantis slumped down onto the tiled floor and held her head in her hands. Kory’s handsome face floated into her mind and tears finally began to roll down her cheeks.

Letting out soft sobs, Atlantis pressed the back of her head against the sterile tiles of the bathroom wall.

My my…are you really going to feel sorry for yourself just because a dumbass boy rejected you; you’re pathetic.

Nasty little voices taunted her and she felt as though she was outside again.

Oblivious to the knocking on the door in front of her, Atlantis curled up into a ball and thought about ways she could avoid school for the next few weeks. Perhaps she could try to catch bird flu off a sick pigeon or maybe even pay someone to hit her with a car.

Quietly, the knocking continued and Atlantis lifted her wet face.

“Really, I just- why don’t you just fuck off and leave me alone!”

“Sorry, I just wanted to see if you were okay…”

Tristen’s familiar voice brought Atlantis back to her senses. Unable to get back up on her numb legs, she crawled over to the door and pressed her ear against it.

“Vibrators get fucked over less than I do…” she muttered back sarcastically.

“Well, vibrators don’t’ have friends who have a 1.5 litre tub of Ben and Jerry’s in their fridge and every season of X-Files on Netflix.”

“X-Files, the original one?” Atlantis whimpered.

“You betcha, plus every single one of George A. Romero’s movies…” Tristen replied.

“Zombies fix everything…” Atlantis sighed, a small smile growing on her face.


Please let me know if you use the prompt by linking your post in the comments below. I’ll read each one!

Happy writings!






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