Short Story-Time: Nip’s Voyage

This is a comfy short story that I wrote over a few days. I’ve always wanted to write a piece of fiction about space and now I’ve finally done it!

I think it’s best enjoyed at night, right before going to bed. Oh yeah, and it’s kid friendly too!

If you want a bit of ambience to go with the story, listen to a bit of this while reading it.

Goodnight WordPress and sweet dreams!


Nip loved to stargaze. No; she loved how the stars gazed at her.

The fact that her spacecraft was transparent made her all the more happier. It didn’t matter whether she looked at the floor or at the ceiling. Nip was engulfed in the universe.

Sitting back in her cozy nest, she allowed her eyes to trace along the burning spheres of gas like a dot to dot picture. In her mind, she turned each patch of stars into a different animal.

To the left of a spiralling purple galaxy was a giraffe, its elongated neck arched as though it was reaching for tree leaves. Beside the docile herbivore was a ferocious tiger. The starry beast leapt over a bright blue nebula, it’s bright eyes glimmering with intensity as it glared at the girl huddled in her little clam-shaped nest.

Nip took in the spectacle before her as she sipped from the silver bottle in her lap. It was delicious; she called it her ‘moon juice’. Today, the juice had the flavour of freshly squeezed apples with just a hint of blackcurrants. Sometimes, it tasted like hot chocolate with melting marshmallows and whenever they passed close to a sun, it became plain water, tasteless but refreshing.

Although she knew it was silly, Nip sometimes liked to imagine that the colourless liquid existed on the Moon. She would daydream about splashing about in its huge craters and bobbing on her back so she could look at the endless galaxies above her.

Nip found herself remembering the rotund hunk of space rock. Ever since she could remember, she had studied the natural satellite that orbited Earth. Though it paled in comparison to many of the wonders in the galaxy, something about the little humble moon made Nip sympathise with it. They did have a lot in common, after all. Both the girl and the moon were small, lonely space dwellers.

A calm voice entered her thoughts. It spoke in a soft and feminine tone which reminded Nip of her Mentor. Although the memory was quite fuzzy, she could still remember the kindly woman’s smile and her warm hugs. Sometimes Nip wished she could see her again.

The voice repeated its message to the distracted girl.

“Nip, is everything okay?”

“Yep!” Nip replied, nodding her head.

Her movements caused the thick ashen curls in front of her face to bounce. She wished she could tie up her own hair, but whenever she did she always messed it up. She once asked ALOE to help her, but the kind voice had explained to her she couldn’t as she didn’t have any hands.

“Don’t fib to me, Nip. You had a sad thought, didn’t you?”

The voice had become the slightest bit sterner. Nip bit her lip. ALOE always sounded like this when she suspected that Nip was lying to her. Although she was glad ALOE was so loving, Nip sometimes wished the spacecraft couldn’t read her mind.

“ALOE, when am I gonna be at my new home again?”

The spacecraft stayed quiet for a few moments as it calculated its next statement.

“We’re nearly at your new home now, Nip.”

Nip beamed and tapped her feet together. She wiggled her toes, making them dance against the star speckled backdrop.

As always, time continued to pass by at a snail’s pace. Nip finished her drink, did an hour of her astrology studies, played virtuoso checkers with ALOE, sprayed herself with anti-bac, read her favourite holo-book ‘Animals of Earth’ and laid to rest in her nest.

She yawned as the lights in the spacecraft dimmed and her nest closed over her. Shrouded in darkness, Nip snuggled in her blankets and embraced her stuffed panda, Kiki.

“What theme do you want tonight?” ALOE asked the tired girl. “Rippling waves? Tropical rainforest?”

“Full moon.” Nip whispered.

Moments later, the darkness surrounding her was lit up by a single cream orb that floated above her body. Nip gazed over the spherical space rock, her eyes wide with joy. She reached out to touch it and felt nothing as her hand passed through the hologram.

Soon, the young girl’s eyes grew heavy and she drifted off into a blissful sleep.

In her dreams, she was swimming through the stars with a herd of giraffes. She flew up as high as she could and dove down under a small blue planet. She grabbed the tail of a starry tiger as it leapt from star to star.

Soon, it came to a stop and glanced at her expectedly. Nip saw where they were and she smiled. Nip petted the creature’s glittery fur and glided towards the powdery round moon.

Just as she landed feet first onto the dusty surface, the ground below her began to shake violently. She wobbled but managed to keep her balance.

“Nip.. Nip…”

The young girl heard ALOE calling to her. In the distance, she could hear the sound of a wailing siren.

Nip was jolted awake as she was slammed against the top of her nest. Her head spun as she was blindly knocked about the small enclosure. She screamed for ALOE but the friendly voice was no longer there.

Instead, a strong, intimidating voice started shouting instructions to her:


With great difficulty, Nip managed to find her seat and snapped the lifebelt across her body in an x-shape. Despite being held back by the safety harness her body still flailed about, making her feel like a rag doll.

The whole pod shook and Nip began to feel hot. Her clothes stuck to her skin and her brow became wet with sweat. She gasped for air and kept calling out for ALOE. ALOE didn’t reply.

She heard loud clicks and whirs and suddenly the nest began to fall.

Nip closed her eyes and gripped the ends of her seat as her stomach dropped. With a sudden lurch, the nest slowed its descent.

There was a loud thud as the nest came to a sudden halt. Nip let out a shocked cry and whimpered in fear. After a few silent moments, she opened her eyes. She was still trapped inside the nest.

She undid her lifebelt and pressed a button above her head to manually open the enclosure. With a soft click, the sleeping nest opened.

Stumbling out of the nesting pod, she fell face first onto the dusty ground below. With shaky feet, she stood and looked the remains of her spacecraft. The clear outer layer of craft had been ejected during the descent. Half of the pod was now covered in a thin material that felt like silk.

Her eyes were drawn to the bright red words engraved on the side of the silver pod she had spent the majority of her life in.

Automated Life-sustaining Offspring Enclosure
Sector: Astrology and Ecology

“ALOE…” Nip whispered, touching the side of the craft.

She glanced over the landscape. In the soft light of dusk, she could just make out the outline of exotic jungles and strange landscapes filled with foreign structures. She became overwhelmed with feelings of fear.

Then something familiar caught her eye. The young human girl looked up at the universe she had become so accustomed to. Her eyes widened as she saw the large, crater spotted face staring down at her from the night sky.

In front of the pale moon, she could just make out dozens of other silver pods, floating down with the aid of parachutes.

A whirring sound came from her own fallen spacecraft as a recorded message played. A soft and familiar voice began to speak with the slightest hint of sentimentality.

“My dear Nip, thank you for being so brave.

I’m sorry I am unable to continue this journey with you, but I would just like you to know how proud I am of you. You have grown into the intelligent and lovely girl we all knew you’d be. I have no doubts that you and your fellow bio-neers are going to lead humanity into it’s next golden age.

On behalf of myself and everyone associated with Project Odyssey, I would like to welcome you to the planet of both your ancestors and your future children, Earth.

I hope you like your new home.”


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