Visual Verse

So now that I’m all pumped up and ready to start blogging, I discovered this awesome website for writers of all amateur levels.

Visual Verse is, as it describes itself, an online anthology of art and words. Every month they upload a picture, usually a photo or a piece of artwork. Writers are then encouraged to submit a story, poem or verse which has been inspired by the picture.

The best part? It has both a word count AND a deadline. If there is one thing I like the most, it’s being given writing restrictions (that wasn’t sarcasm, I genuinely enjoy it).

In saying this, the website does give writers a generous word count, allowing entries which have anywhere between 50 to 500 words. The real restriction comes from the time limit, which is a terrifyingly measly one hour.

I’m lucky if I can write a single paragraph for the novel I’m currently working on in one hour.

However, I do see the benefits in only being given an hour to write something. You can’t dilly-dally or procrastinate, you have to tackle the piece of work head on. You aren’t given a lot of time to research either, but I suspect these stories are less than likely to be historical epics that require a million google searches.

As of writing this, the current visual is from Volume 3, Chapter 4. It features the ever unsettling American Gothic (for those who don’t know/ can’t be bothered to google search, that’s the famous picture of the old geezer holding the pitchfork whose standing next to his wife).

I have submitted my own entry and am anxiously waiting to see if it gets published on the website. I’ll post it on here if it gets through, and if it doesn’t then heck I’ll still post it.

In the mean time, you all better go and check this website out, some of the entries are fantastic. Be sure to look at some of the past visuals and entries as well.

If you are interested, you should totally enter your own piece of work and you should totally show me what you wrote because I’m a sticky beak.

Visual Verse has a Facebook and Twitter account too, so give those a sneaky peeky as well.


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