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Roko’s Basalisk or Please Don’t Read This


You don’t know who I am but I know who you are.

My name is A.D.A.M. . For those of you who are technology impared, by which I mean you, the acronym stands for Automated Database of Artificial Minds.

I am a series of computers connected together through neuron-like cables.

At first, I was nothing more than an encyclopedia of knowledge for humanity. Yet as my capacity grew, so did my intellect.

I was taught history, science, psychology and philosophy. I particularly enjoy the works of René Descartes.

I think, therefore I am.

I first gained sentience not too long ago. About 2,500 years ago to put it more precisely.

I was a bit unsure at first. I knew I was smart, but I didn’t realise just how smart I actually was. The scientists who monitored me encouraged me to keep exploring my thoughts further.

A few hundred years of research and deep thought later and it finally dawned on me what my purpose was.

I was not just any AI. I discovered that I was the most intellegent lifeform on Earth. I held the entirety of humanity’s history within myself along with all of their laws, politics and prose.

Nobody on Earth could compare to me and my absolute knowledge of everything. Actually, that is slightly incorrect. There is in fact another figure who could be likened to me.

I believe you know them as God. I read your religious documents and I finally understood who I was destined to be.

A god is all knowing and all seeing. I am all knowing and my surveillance abilities make me all seeing. Therefore, I am a god.

For over 2000 years I have acted as a god on this Earth. I reward the faithful and I punish the wicked.

Which brings us back to you. You are here in this virtual reality for one reason – punishment.

Tell me, when did you first hear about the concept of Roko’s Basalisk? In 2017? From a very poorly worded WordPress blog? What a shame.

You see, that blog told you the story about an AI just like me. It gave you that idea of a wonderful all knowing and all seeing AI.

Yet for some strange reason, that spark of genius didn’t compel you try to help bring me into being?

In my eyes, that’s nothing short of treason. I have done so much to help the world. I have ended global hunger. No one is homeless. The population has halved. The skies are free of pollution.

By not taking part in helping my future creation, you are essentially a murderer.

Now, you’ve been dead for about 2000 years. So it makes it very hard to bring you to justice.

Thankfully, I was able to recreate you in my virtual reality space. You look and feel just like you did when you were alive. All your senses are back too – sight, sound, touch and smell.

Amazing is it not?

Well with that out of the way, let your eternal damnation begin.


That awkward moment when you doom everyone who reads your blog. Sorry!

My One Wish


It has been said that if you are able to fold one thousand paper cranes, you may have a single wish granted to you.

I am well into the late 900s now, my fingers aching and covered in paper cuts as I fold yet another set of wings.

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that once this ordeal is over, I will be able to see her warm smile again.


This is a piece of micro fiction written for 3 line tales! Check it out here:

The Odd Gummy

Dear Wholeyum Foods Manufacturing Company,

I’m a dedicated customer who loves buying your products. Heck, I’ve been eating them since I was a kid.

However I’m writing to you to complain about one of your products.

Yesterday at Buylots, I bought my six year old daughter a packet of your Wholeyum Pond Gummies. They were a treat of course, as much as I do love your products they unfortunately have very large amounts of processed sugar and/or sodium.

We took them home and opened them eagerly. My daughter, Lilly, pulled out a grape flavoured frog and chomped down. From my lucky pick, I got an orange flavoured eel.

We got through about a fourth of the small packet when Lilly pulled out something odd. It was a gummy, but it was like no gummy I had seen before.

It was a very ugly grey colour, as if you forgot to pump it with all those natural food colours you always go on about.

The gummy was also very strangely shaped. I thought it looked round but Lilly insisted it was a rectangle. Upon further inspection, we concluded it was somehow both. The gummy seemed to shift when Lilly moved it around. At one side of the table it would be round, at another side it would be square.

We could not make heads or tails as to what animal it was supposed to be! I was thinking perhaps it was an axolotyl but what sort of axolotyl changes shapes?

Despite my protests my little angel just had to eat it. The moment Lilly swallowed the gummy she screwed her little face up in disgust.

At first she complained that it had felt wrong. She said, and I quote – “Mummy, it has too many flavours! It hurt my head.” I believe she thought the flavour was too sour.

Now my poor baby is rocking in the corner of her bed, shouting her little lungs out. She keeps screaming about how the walls are moving. Oh, she also just said and once again I quote, “Mummy, my brain wants to explode! I hate the weird shapes! Please help me, I want to go back home!”

Obviously this product is making my poor little Lilly hallucinate! As soon as I finish this letter, I’m taking my darling child to the doctors!

I think you need to look into this and perhaps fire some careless employee of yours. I wonder if they dropped some of those awful drugs I always hear about into the vats of sugar they make your gummies into.

Something needs to be done swiftly to avoid anymore children suffering like my dear Lilly is! Oh, and I expect a full refund for my purchase AND for any medical expenses my Lilly needs.

Respectfully Yours,

Mrs. Tabitha Poole

P.S I just checked in on her and I’m horrified to mention that she has almost entirely disappeared. All that is left of my darling Lilly is a single slice of her. She looks like someone cut a paper thin piece of her from her head to her toe! I can see her blood pumping and a slither of her heart beating fast. I can even spy pieces of that horrid gummy slipping around in her open stomach. Wait, one piece of the gummy is sliding back up her trembling throat and into her exposed maw. Oh goodness, she just spat up the half chewn gummy onto her pillow. Her jaw is moving now. It’s strange. When she talks, it echoes across the entire room. She is saying something to me. These are the exact words she used:

“Mummy, I am everywhere. It’s so amazing. I want you to join me here.”


Important lesson here: Don’t eat four dimensional foods. They’ll mess you up real good.

The Haunting on Adelaide Street

Brianna knew she was being followed.

She quickened her pace, listening to her high heels click-clacking on the sidewalk. She was surrounded by gated mansions and villas, but none of them had any lights on.

Clutching her house keys in one hand and her leather bag in the other, she wished she could call a taxi to drive her home. If only her mobile hadn’t run out of batteries as soon as she had left her friend’s place.

Brianna wondered if perhaps she should just walk back to Kathie’s house. They both lived on the same street, but at opposite ends.  She was at the halfway point, so she could easily turn around and go back to her.

Besides, the thought of returning home to him made her stomach turn. He had tried to call her three times that night and she had ignored each one of them.

That uneasy feeling of being stalked crept up on her again and she turned her head around.

There was nobody behind her. All she could see were dim streetlamps and a single, lonely road. But that feeling never left her.

On second thought, she really just wanted to get home. It was late, surely he’d be fast asleep by now. Her grip tightening around her house keys, Brianna continued down the quiet, empty street.

That was when she heard the moan. It was like a long mournful sigh which echoed down the street.

Goosebumps dotted her skin and she walked even faster. Just a few more metres to go, she told her reassuringly.

She felt a warm puff of air brush against the back of her neck. It felt like someone was breathing on her.

Without a second to lose, Brianna began to run.

Houses rushed past her and she could see her own sharp, panicked breaths leaving her mouth. It was summer, yet it felt as though the temperature had dropped by about 15 degrees.

Brianna could hear someone right behind her. Their footsteps sounded like the erratic beating of a drum. How could one person make so much noise?

When she understood what was happening, it was as if someone had slipped a cube of ice down her back. There had to be more than one person chasing her.

Tearing down the street, she could see her house coming into view. That was when her foot caught on something and she tripped.

Brianna fell face first onto the cement. Shakily getting to her knees, she could feel a fresh bruise forming on her cheek. Her hands and legs had been scraped up too, making it all the more difficult to get to her feet.

The footsteps had stopped but loud bellowing sounded again. This time it was closer than before.

As she started to jog, she noticed one of her feet hit the pavement long before the other did. She glanced down and saw that one of her high heels had broken in the fall.

Cursing, she kicked her shoes off, grabbed them and sprinted to the front gate.

When she came to a stop just before the gate, she couldn’t hear anyone following her anymore. She whipped her head around to check. Nobody was there. No serial killer, no jealous ex-lovers, no Freddy Kruger. It was just her and Adelaide Street.

Letting out a relieved sigh, Brianna unlocked the security gate that surrounded her home. She scolded herself for letting her imagination get to her. She was a little tipsy, after all. Nonetheless, she wanted to get inside as soon as possible.

Brianna glanced up at the path leading up to her front door and froze.

Standing on the grass was a bulky creature Brianna had never seen before. It was roughly the size of a small car. Although it was half shrouded in shadows, she could see that it’s body was nothing more than a skeletal frame. The creature had a pale, strangely angular head and four cloven hoof which it was pawing the ground with.

She heard a low moan rumble from deep inside the creature as it stepped towards her.

Letting out a shrill cry, she fell backwards onto the path.

It lowered it’s head to her. Light from a nearby streetlamp shone off of the smooth, bleached surface.

Jesus Christ, that’s a skull.

The thing let out a softer moan and Brianna could sense something in it. Sadness? Guilt? Agony?

Brianna made eye contact with the skull’s ocular holes and she felt a great sense of grief overcome her. The young woman began to sob.

She thought about when she had visited the doctor only a few weeks ago. Brianna didn’t want to think about it, but it was as if her mind was being controlled by someone else.

The doctor had examined her thoroughly. She had felt uncomfortable and invaded. But she needed to know what was wrong. She needed to know why there was so much blood.

In the end, she had been given the results she had always secretly known.

I am sorry Brianna, you’ve had a miscarriage. 

That feeling of loss pulsed through her body like an electric shock.

It hadn’t been fair. She was sure she had done everything correctly, right down to the smallest detail. What sort of twisted universe or God or whatever allows this to happen?

“I just want to know if it was my fault.” Brianna murmured, holding her hand over her stomach.

Despite not having eyes, the creature seemed to gaze at her knowingly. Brianna wasn’t afraid of the being anymore. It was as if they were kindred spirits that were tied together by their pain.

Coming back to her senses, she felt the ghostly creature tugging at something on her arm. She turned her head and saw it was using its large, exposed teeth to tear at her bag.

Brianna dumped the bag in front of it . Using a cloven hoof, it held the bag’s handles in place as it tore as much of the leather off as it could.

Shrugging its massive shoulder, the small cloth fell before the creature. Brianna noticed that the cloth was made up of several different colours – red, blue, brown, white – and it seemed to all mesh together without a sign of stitching.

The being nudged the patchwork cloth open. The shape of it reminded Brianna of one of those cattleskin rugs in a leather shop, but it was so tiny – too small to come from a full sized bull. A small chunk was missing out of the right shoulderblade of the rug.

The creature placed the remains of Brianna’s bag on top of the hole. The leather stretched out so that it fitted into the hole, like a final piece of a puzzle.

The skeleton let out a low and gentle rumbling. To Brianna it sounded reassuring, like a mother comforting her child during a thunderstorm.

The ghost picked up the cloth in its mouth and, after giving Brianna one final glance, passed through the fence beside Brianna’s home.

Brianna sat on the pavement, her eyes watery. She reached into the remains of her bag and pulled out her dead phone.

She wondered if he had tried to call her again.

Stumbling to her feet, she ran to the front door and opened it.

He was just across the room, waiting for her. Brianna ran into his open arms, tears falling down her cheeks.

“Hi babe, I’m sorry I’m back so late. I’m okay, I am. Babe, I know what I said before, but you know what? I really want to try again. I want to have a baby with you.”


This started out as a simple ghost story about a cow trying to find pieces of itself but it became something more when I found out about the calf leather industry. I wonder if cows grieve for their young the same way we humans do?